Our Rust Plans

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16€/ month
  • Instant Setup up to 24h
  • AMD EPYC™ 7282
  • 6GB RAM
  • 25GB NVMe/50GB NVMe
  • Support Expert
  • DDoS Protection
  • 200 Mbit/s Uplink
  • Multiple Locations

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Why Our Game Servers?

The main reasons to choose our game servers!

Support Expert

All of our staff is qualified and we help with everything you need fast and efficient.

Dedicated Resources

Built with High-Technology we have the hardware to guarantee good quality in services.

DDoS Protection

We have the best DDoS protection providers to guarantee imediate mitigation.

Instant Activation

After we recive the payment, our software will install your services automatically.

Do You Need Help? Frequent Questions!

To help you making a decision, we compiled a list of your most frequent questions. If you dont find the answer to your question or even want more information about it just contact us!

We always guarantee the best access speed, our servers are hosted in a infrastructure in Portugal and Germany, Europe

We use Pterodactyl for the managment of the rust servers.

Our Pterodactyl Panel has backup options, which means it's up to the customer to make their own backup.

The service is activated within 24 hours after the first confirmation of your payment. If you pay through a payment gateway with automatic validation, the service activation process is automatic and immediate